GELATO ITALIA Italian Artisan Gelato

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4 sao trên tổng 33 đánh giá
12 Feb 2020 tại 13:16 Delicious and quick.
10 Feb 2020 tại 10:52 Epic.
6 Jan 2020 tại 8:59 Best gelato in town and great delivery guy
28 Jul 2019 tại 8:35 Fast delivery and tastes delicious. It's annoying though that you make an effort to meet the free delivery only to be called an told you don't qualify anyway.
17 Jun 2019 tại 11:46 The packing is the worst.
8 Dec 2018 tại 8:20 I live 5min away but it took an hour and ice cream was starting to melt by the time it arrived
21 Jan 2018 tại 10:39 The ice cream never arrived :(
18 Nov 2017 tại 22:47 They didn’t have a flavor that I chose. I chose dark chocolate,chocolate chip and coconut. Taste was excellent!! I’ll order again!
17 Sep 2017 tại 11:35 Didn't have any of the flavours I ordered
27 Aug 2017 tại 14:49 I was told that I had 500,000 vnd in advance, but I was not prepared change. I got mad at the delivery staff. I am sorry for the delivery staff. But the system which does not convey is useless.
29 Jul 2017 tại 8:33 3 flavors out of 6 they don't have, I had to change for their only available flavors... not really suitable nor matching with our tastes
25 Apr 2017 tại 10:45 They were out of every flavour we ordered, but called promptly and offered substitutes which were all really nice, so in general pretty good.